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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Holograms, Akashic Records, and Philosophy



Okay, so now that I've explained the Fibonacci sequence,
here's a really cool experiment that will allow you to see it for yourself:
Find a mirror and turn on a light (the brighter the better).
Look into the mirror and stare at the black pupil of your eye (the very center).
In the mirror, you will be able to see the reflection of your eye, 
looking into your eye, looking into your eye, looking into your eye, etc.
Any movement you make that changes the reflection you see in your eye 
will occur simultaneously in every reflection of your eye, and the pattern goes on forever.

This is a hologram:

These are the claims regarding the Akashic Records:

Reality is a consciousness hologram. The Akashic Records refer to this matrix; it is an unseen library of light containing all information: past, present, and future potentials. It can be accessed using various methods. They have always existed and will always exist, similar to mathematics.
Just like we have libraries here on Earth (medical libraries, law libraries, etc), the Universe has its own library. The various 'books' found in the library are known as Akashic Records. EVERYTHING has its own record: humanity as a species has its own, each individual has his/her own, each animal species, each plant species, each mineral species, etc. The Akashic Records contain every thought, word, or action taken by every life-form, and are all stored energetically, using light and sound.

The Records are a collection of information encoded in the ether element of the universe (remember the 5th Platonic solid??), which does not exist in the physical time-space continuum. Every single living thing throughout the universe has its thoughts, actions, and words recorded and stored energetically in these records.


The Akashic Records claimed to have been accessed by ancient people of the following cultures:
Indians, Moors, Tibetans, Bonpo, Himalayans, Egyptians, Persians, Chaldeans, Greeks, Chinese, Hebrews, Christians, Druids, and Mayans.

All of these people agree that there is a record/ 'book' that records every moment of each soul's existence. This book could be accessed if you attuned yourself properly.

Charles Webster Leadbeater
Annie Besant
Alice Bailey
Samael Aun Weor
William Lilly
Manly P. Hall
Lilian Treemont
Dion Fortune
George Hunt Williamson
Rudolf Steiner
Max Heindel
and Edgar Cayce amongst others.

Since it is a library that contains all events and responses of all consciousness in all realities, all lifeforms have access to it. In order to access it, one must become a medium, and quiet his/her mind through meditation (any other similar technique will work as well). Once your mind is in a pre-conscious state, you become a witness to the records, and you may access either your own record, or the record of Humanity itself (since you are a part of both).

Once the records are accessed, you perceive them: it's like watching a movie that is mega-enhanced through all of your senses and emotions. When the future is accessed, the events are known, but the responses are only a probability: they could change, which means that the future is not set in stone: it depends on how we respond to it. We literally create reality through our responses to events.

  • The Vedas, a large body of texts from ancient India, written in Sanskrit, were extracted from the Akasha. They are the oldest scriptures of Hinduism
  • The Egyptian Pharaohs received guidance from those who had access to the Akasha
  • The Druids (of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England) demonstrated the ability to access it
  • The Bible refers to the Akashic Records as the Book of Life (both the Old and New Testament) {Old Testament: Psalm 69:28} {New Testament: Philippians 4:3, Revelation 3:5, 13:8, 17:8, 20:12 (that one's ironic), 20:15, 21:27} 
 The Records are referred to also as the Universal Consciousness; the Mind of God; the Universal Computer; etc.

Intuition is interesting in that it is a direct way of knowing in which no time elapses, and no knowledge is transferred. It is following your heart; what feels right, without having to think anything through. I believe that this is the way we subconsciously access these records. Upon following your intuition, you are led on a path that is right for are here for a reason, and you are led down a path that will help you learn lessons and ultimately discover who you truly are. Because the records store up everything from the past, they guide you to the next point, but your response to it could change your future. Your response includes your actions and your thoughts.

Derived from the Greek word philosophia (φιλοσοφία). 
philo (φιλο)= "love"
sophia (φιλοσοφία)= "wisdom"
*phi (the golden ratio) is in both words*

"Philosophy deals with the most basic issues that human beings face–the issues of reality, truth and value. Our beliefs in those realms will determine everything else we do in both our personal and professional lives. Without a distinctive philosophy of reality, truth, and value, a person or group cannot make decisions, form a curriculum, or evaluate school or curricular progress. With a consciously chosen philosophy, however, one can set goals to be achieved and select courses of action to reach those goals. Thus, philosophy is the most useful topic for any educator to know.

Furthermore, a knowledge of philosophy's general outline (without its complexities and technical vocabulary) can be the most useful thing taught in the elementary and secondary curriculum. After all, our graduates must also make meaningful decisions in daily life.

Below, I will illustrate how different categories of philosophy relate to the practice of teaching (and living).
meta (μετά)= beyond, after
physiká (φυσικά)= physics

One of the two most basic philosophy categories is metaphysics. This rather threatening-sounding word actually comes from two Greek words meaning "beyond physics." As such, metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of reality. "What is ultimately real?" is the basic question asked in the study of metaphysics.

At first glance, the answer to this query seems rather obvious. After all, average people seem to be quite certain about the "reality" of their world. If you ask them, they will probably tell you to open your eyes and look at the clock on the wall, listen to the sound of a passing train, or bend down to touch the floor beneath your feet. These things are, they claim, what is ultimately real.

But you can trip them up by asking, "What about God? Is He real? Does He exist? And if He does exist, what is His relationship to human beings and the 'real' world?"

Then ask them: "What about the universe itself? How did it originate and develop? Did it come about by accident or design? Does its existence have any purpose?"

That leads to questions about human beings: "Are they unique or merely highly developed quadrupeds? Are people born good, evil, or morally neutral? Do they have free will, or are their thoughts and actions determined by environment, inheritance, or divine proclamation? Do individuals have souls? And if they do, are those souls immortal?"

These are few of the questions that lie "beyond physics" in the realm of ultimate reality. None of the answers to these questions can be proved beyond the shadow of doubt. They are matters of faith and belief for all people and every political and educational system. Countless men and women have sacrificed and even died because of their commitment to certain beliefs about metaphysical questions. There are, in fact, no issues more crucial to human beings.
Metaphysics and Education

Even a cursory glance at basic metaphysical issues reveals their importance for every educational practice. It is crucial that every educational program be based upon fact and reality rather than fancy, illusion, or imagination.

Different metaphysical beliefs lead to differing educational approaches and even separate systems of education. Teachers' instructional methods will differ dramatically, depending on whether they view each student as Desmond Morris's "naked ape" or as a child of God. Likewise, discipline will be handled differently, depending on whether one thinks children are essentially good, as was asserted of Rousseau's Emile, or believes their goodness has been radically twisted by the effects of sin.

Why do Adventist churches spend millions of dollars each year for a private system of education when free public systems are widely available? Because of their metaphysical beliefs regarding the nature of ultimate reality, the existence of God, the role of God in human beings as God's children. Metaphysics is a major determinant of everything we as teachers do in the classroom.

Closely related to metaphysics is the issue of epistemology. Epistemology seeks to answer basic questions about knowledge: "What is true?" and "How do we know?" The study of epistemology deals with such issues as the dependability of knowledge and the validity of sources through which we gain information. Accordingly, epistemology stands–with metaphysics–at the very center of the educative process. Both educational systems and teachers in those systems deal in knowledge; they are engaged in an epistemological undertaking.

Epistemology has a direct impact upon education on a moment-by-moment basis. For example, assumptions about the importance of the various sources of knowledge will certainly be reflected in curricular emphases and teaching methodologies. Because Christian teachers believe in revelation as a source of certain knowledge, they will undoubtedly choose a curriculum and a central role for the Bible in that curriculum that differ substantially from curricular choices by public school teachers. The entire philosophic worldview of their faith will color the presentation of every topic they teach. That, of course, is true for teachers of all philosophic persuasions."

So, with the above in mind, if there were a discipline that combined all religious studies and all scientific studies into one, that would be the best kind of education to give. One that is all-inclusive of everyone's different beliefs; everyone is right. Well, the truth is, we already have this 'school of thought.' It's the Earth!
Think about it, every time you experience something, you learn something. Life on Earth is nothing but a bundle of experiences. Therefore, life is the accumulation of knowledge based on experience. We are all on Earth for a reason, to learn certain lessons, and add to the never-ending Universal Mind. The Earth is a University, in which we learn various things that help with our overall growth and evolution. But everyone is here to learn different things. Therefore, everyone's reality is different; there is no right or wrong answer. Everyone is right in their own mind. They are learning what they need to learn, and no one else can teach it to them but themselves.
This Universal Mind exists because of LOVE. The love of wisdom. Philosophy. Everyone does philosophy, because everyone is learning all the time. We can't help it. It's who we are. We love knowledge, because we are consciousness. 

Every single human being has his/her own private mind. And each mind is equally important. The more we know, the more we grow. We would not be here if it were not for love. Male and Female energy are within us all. The perfect balance (golden ratio) of male to female energy creates beauty and love. Every person is born from a male's sperm and a female's egg.
  Think about it...we wouldn't be here if our Mothers and Fathers didn't come together to create us.

Creation on the physical level occurs when the male and female combine to reproduce.
Creation on every other level occurs when the male energy (positive) and female energy (negative) combine to learn.

Everything is created out of love.

 Look at the above diagram like an (x,y) graph. Space represents the x-axis (horizontal), and Time represent the y-axis (vertical). The FEMALE energy (negative) exists in positive Time, but negative Space. The MALE energy (positive) exists in negative Time, but positive Space. Together, these two energies create the space-time continuum.

The Yin-Yang: Reality is Duality

Matter and Antimatter:

Discovery Channel has copyrights on the video below,
so you'll have to click on it to watch it through YouTube

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