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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Science and The Seed of Life

Take a look at the images below and note anything familiar you see in this pattern.
The Seed of Life
within the Flower of Life
Metatron's Cube

The truth is, everything we can observe with the human eye contains this pattern, otherwise known as the seed of life, flower of life, or Metatron's cube.

Mathematics is the most definite part of our reality (2+2 always equals 4 and never equals anything else), which is why the sciences are based around it.

In Physics, which studies how the universe behaves, we have discovered that all matter is, on a basic level, made up of an arrangement of atoms. Interestingly, quantum theory has shown that in order for a subatomic particle to exist in space and time, it must be observed. This will be important later on. Characteristically, atoms look like the seed of life:

On the larger scale of physics (astronomy), all planets, stars, moons, galaxies, etc, rotate in a circular pattern, and are spherical in shape. 

In Chemistrythe basic unit is also the atom. Notice on the periodic table of elements, each element has an atomic number. The atomic number corresponds to the number of protons in the nucleus, and each chemical we know of has a unique atomic number. (example: Hydrogen's atomic number is 1, Helium's is 2, etc.). Here we can see the breakdown of some fundamentals of chemistry and physics: (image taken from Wikipedia)
Levels of magnification:
1. Macroscopic level – Matter
2. Molecular level
3. Atomic level – Protons, neutrons, and electrons
4. Subatomic level – Electron
5. Subatomic level – Quarks
6. String level       

Atoms (Molecules):

In Biology, cells are the basic unit of life, forming all living organisms. Both plants and animals form from an embryo, which is made up of an arrangement of cells...let's take a look at the stages of embryo development, starting from the moment the sperm enters the egg:
Once a living organism is fully grown, it still contains this basic shape:
The Vitruvian Man (Da Vinci):


DNA: The blueprint for life

The above shows that the way we observe reality is mathematical (geometrical) in nature.