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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kundalini Energy & Chakras

The Kundalini and Chakras:



This is what an electro-magnetic field looks like.

The Electro-Magnetic Field is one of 4 fundamental forces of nature (the others are gravity, weak interaction, and strong interaction). These forces can be seen coming into existence in a timeline of the Big Bang (how our universe was formed).

Time is measured in fractions of a second in this timeline.
Human beings, like the earth, also have a magnetic field around them. Magnetoencephalography (whew! that's a big word!... Abbreviated MEG) is how the electromagnetic activity in the brain can be measured.  
However, the very first cells to form in an embryo are the heart cells. Therefore, development of all living organisms starts with the heart. The heart has a much larger electro-magnetic field than the brain, and can be measured using Magnetocardiography (MCG).

The Energy Within Our Bodies is Known as Kundalini Energy.

If we turn the image above of an electro-magnetic field on its side, it looks like the Kundalini. 

Take a look at the electro-magnetic field we all have around our bodies:

"The body's electromagnetic field requires ions in the air through which to flow. The higher the ion count the higher the flow in the Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF). The higher the EMF flow, the higher the energy generation of the cells and the higher the energy of the nerves, which means a correspondingly higher EMF flow as well. The EMF comprises the sum total of the body's energy generation and conductivity. This explains why we are automatically more connected, awake, intelligent and spiritual in high negative ion environments. That is around moving water, in forests, in the country, the mountains and in sunlight. Our EMF has more of a medium in which to flow and this ups all the energy exchanges in the body & mind. Modern cities, deserts and much of our technology, transportation and architecture are anti-evolutionary for this reason, for they lower the ion count of the air and increase the % of positive ions we are exposed to."
The Ion Effect by Fred Soyka for more ion info). LINK

DNA is sensitive to electro-magnetic waves, and any change in the EMF of the heart would be reflected in our DNA. Blood moves through our body and circulates through the heart in a vortex form. Remember the three dimensional image of the vortex (tube torus) I showed on an earlier post?

This is the magnetic field around every single living thing, including the earth herself. Yes, the earth is alive too, and we are like a cancer to it with the way we're living. [The earth has at its center a giant iron crystal, which is what allows for electromagnetism to take place.]

I believe that this is what consciousness looks like, and consciousness is essentially what the universe is. It is what we are too. All humans are connected through consciousness. We create our own reality as we observe it and are conscious of it. 

Human Evolution of Consciousness (the activation of all Chakras within our Kundalini):

We are all God...don't look to external sources for God. It is within you. The Universe [GOD] is within you because every part of the universe contains the whole universe. This is what it means in The Bible when it says that man was created in God's image. Every man contains god within himself. Every part of consciousness contains the whole of consciousness itself. Everyone experiencing life and accumulating knowledge/memories adds to the never-ending Universal Consciousness. 

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