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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Paradigm of Education

I have noticed the question being asked around here, what kind of a system would be put in place if the occupy wall street protesters were to succeed in collapsing the monetary system. Well, I put my mind to work and came up with something. I realize that this system would not be easy to accomplish, especially in our current world. But please, at least try reading this, putting all of your thought of money and profit aside. Pretend they don't exist. Can you see the logic, without money being a factor? Is this a system you would want to live in? I also realize that some of this idea was used in the previous zeitgeist film. However I have elaborated on that idea, and thrown in many of ideas of my own. So please, give me honest feedback and criticism about this. Because the monetary system is coming to an end, and a new system must rise from the ashes. But what kind of a system will it be?

No Money Needed For Anything Ever.

Money is the source of all greed, and corruption in the world. Sex and money, are also the causes for about 90% of all crimes committed. Think about it. Eliminate money, and you eliminate several problems at their core. Not only that, but people would have a lot less stress in their daily lives and get more enjoyment out of life. I hear the argument that without money people would get lazy and never do anything with themselves. This is false. The whole reason people do nothing with themselves is because money deters them from doing it. If you could go and learn about what it was that you were interested in, you would not want to sit around doing nothing because you couldn't afford it. People don't like to be bored. That is why we occupy ourselves with cell phones, ipods and computers when we are alone. If we had something better to do, we would be doing it. Money creates a gap between each and every person. Friends cannot all have fun, if one of them is lacking money. So people get left out. There is no need to be greedy, if there is no value in having something with abundance. Without money, people would be able to learn and grow in anything that interests them, and they would all have the same quality of life as the next person.

Volunteer Work

With money out of the question, any work that needs to be done, would be done by willing volunteers. There are always people willing to help do things, even in a monetary society. However, work does not come without a reward. It doesn't have to be a monetary reward. Instead, a person that puts in a lot of hours doing community service, would have access to more facilities than that of someone who doesn't help out as much. Say for example, access to a more luxurious gym, or swimming pool. Or a nicer restaurant, nicer atmosphere and so on. Maybe access to more books, or more entertainment. The rewards can be endless. People are encouraged to do volunteer work, but its not mandatory.


Because of the volunteer work, there would have to be classes of people. But nothing like the monetary system classes. Being in a higher class may give you more enjoyment, but that does not stop anyone from a lower class from putting in their own volunteer work to gain the same benefits. Someone who works hard, can then take time off to allow others to work for them. Meanwhile they can go and explore things that they are passionate about. Everyone would have the same opportunities as the next person. So even though there would be different classes of working people, they would be interchangeable at any time. This would create a much needed peace between the classes, and no social judgements. No one is required to be in the higher class, it is simply an option available.


We live in a world that is very technological advanced. As you know, factories are becoming more and more automated, and technology is taking over for the common labourer. This is becoming more and more by the day, as it is cheaper and more efficient to run a business based on machines, rather than human error. So in this system, technology would be used to its potential. Use it to be the most efficent it can be in absolutely everything. This would limit the amount of volunteer work to the point where people wouldn't feel like slaves to get the job done. With technology running factories and other things, and volunteer workers doing the rest, the economy would run efficiently, and more importantly, happily. Stress over mundane things would be at minimal.


There would be no limits on education. However, there would still be school for children like we have now. Except children would be taught different things. They would be taught about themselves, how to connect with your inner self and with nature. Seeking harmony and oneness with the universe. Children would be encouraged to be children, rather than being taught to grow up as they are now. Allow a child to express his or her imagination, and learn to use it. Children are able to see the world through pure eyes, without judgement. It is only as we age that we begin to be tainted by societies views and live by societies standards. In this system, there would be no standards and each child would be encourage to become their true self. As for later education, students can choose to go into whatever subject they wish to learn. There will always be teachers, they don't even have to volunteer. Humans love to teach, it is in our nature. Just like science is, and architecture and so on. We are artists, performers, athletes, and genius'.It is in our nature to use this abilities and talents. The only reason we don't use them now, is because money stops us. If money wasn't a factor right now, you might find that you are a painter, or a guitar player or an actor. You just don't know, because when you were a child, your dream of becoming a scientist was shattered because of money. We will be encourage to explore our potential to its maximum. Who knows what heights it would reach. We would all be taught to have an equal love and respect for everyone.


As you know, sex in today's society sells. We are bombarded with sexual advertisements and music, tv shows, magazines, porn, movies, peer pressure and so on. We have sex thrown at us from every angle, and we wonder why men are always horny. Without money being a factor, sex no longer has to sell. Instead, sex can be taught to be used for creativity and vitality. Sex is good for two things. Pro-creation, and vitality. It can be taught that sex can be used to increase ones health, through the act of tantric sex, or soul mating. Or sex can be used to have a baby. The choice is that of the people. But it should be taught that there is a choice. Which in todays society, we are not. Both men and women, are capable of multiple orgasms, and the ability to transform your consciousness to connect with your partner and the universe. This process is called the transmutation of sexual energy. If this process was taught to pre-pubescent children, much like sex ed is taught now, teenagers would have a much greater understanding of their bodies, and would not be sex crazed like they are now. We can learn to control our sexuality so it works for us, we don't have to work for it.


With money and sex out of the picture, criminal activity would be at a very low level. There are of course mentally disturbed individuals that need help. Help would be provided through various methods.
Be it community service, counselling, or imprisonment. Depending on the crime. There would still be the existing, innocent until proven guilty rule. For more serious crimes, such as murder. Once found guilty, it would be back to an eye for an eye. Death penalty. There is no point in keeping a murderer around to look after, and feed. We are too lenient in our current system. We have overfull prison populations, and its just plain silly. In this new system, crime would be minimal, and it would be taken very seriously.


Rather than using resources that are pollutants to the environment such as oil, or nuclear energy and so on, we could use renewable things. With technology advancing, there are many methods of supply power around the globe. There is geothermal, which is a very clean source of energy. There is also the ways of Nikola Tesla, if we could figure out how he created Wardenclyffe Tower, power could then be transmitted wirelessly across the planet. If we were given the opportunity as a society to explore this, I'm sure we could figure out how to re-create Tesla's amazing invention.

Food could be grown locally, outside in summer, indoors in winter. Giving a steady supply of fresh vegetables and fruits year round. There is no need to transport them across the world, as technology is capable of growing anything. Food would be in abundance, always. As for electronics and vehicles and among other things we use in our daily lives. They would all be designed with the purpose of being upgradable. You would never have to replace a tv, or a car, or any other gadget you have. They would all be built to last, and built so parts are easily replaced. There would be no brand names, as money is not a factor. Each and every person would have access to any of these gadgets. Thus, no need for theft or having more than one. When you can go and get something any time you want to use it, it eliminates its value, and creates more respect for it. Most vandals only destroy things because of their value. Earth has the resources to be pollution free, and used in abundance without harming the environment, supporting the current 7 billion with no problems.

Health Care

Health care would be free of course, and more natural methods of healing would be introduced. There would still be a need for some medications and drugs, but with health and well being, being taught in schools, health problems would be minimal. Disorders and ailments, would be rare, as the body has natural methods of overcoming these. Naturopathics would be more common than doctors. Doctors would be needed more for injuries or serious diseases requiring surgery. There would always be a doctor nearby to volunteer, as people are fascinated by medicine and health. The human body is an amazing thing, and people will always want to learn about it. Health care would be the absolute best. The technology for everything would be available, and there would never need to be waits for anything. A fast, efficient health care system.


Each and every person would always have access to food, shelter and water. There would never be a homeless person. And drug addicts would be minimal, as people usually only start doing drugs because of the stress of their lives, usually involving money or sex. Drug abuse would be rare, and they would be given help. Anyone seeking advice or assistance would get it, as people love to help others, so there would always be volunteers to help the old, or the handicapped.

Real Estate

There would be several different types of houses. There would be regular houses, apartments, mansions and so on, just like we have today. We do not all have to live in the same type, same style of house as the next person. That is detrimental to our personalities. We are not all meant to be alike. We are meant to be individuals with different lives, styles and personalities. There for, there would be a house of your choosing. If you wanted to live in the luxurious mansions, those could be reserved for families, or by having done a lot of volunteer work. It could be a benefit of working and helping out the community. Not all people would want the biggest and best out, that is only a concept we have in our current monetary system. People have different tastes, once you remove the dollar sign.


Again, this would be controlled by volunteers. Decisions would be organized by the volunteers and presented to the people, there would be no left or right wing parties. There would be no political parties. The government is simply volunteers, of the people. The people would make decisions together. The only point of the government is or arrange and organize the functions of the system. They organize how the system is run. They do not decide how it is run. They just simply keep things running smoothly, all resources, supplies, and people problems, such as moving or the volunteer hours and so on.

Perhaps I should elaborate about the volunteer work. Because there is no monetary value in things, this means that all retail stores, electronic stores, and other like store, do not need to have full time employees. Simply employees to keep it clean, and supplied. That is all. You have to think outside the monetary system, when you think about jobs, think about what jobs wouldn't be necessary, and what jobs would be. Labour would not be the same as it is today.


What motivates us?


ANY COMMENTS? Please, let me know what you think of this idea.

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